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Arising from an ancestral lineage of Celtic warriors, Michael Phoenix is the youngest of 6 brothers. A family with a heritage of deep involvement with both spiritual and military institutions. His life has been a playground of pushing the boundaries of modern culture's comfort zone. Though he's registered as an independent voter, he believes modern politics is obsolete. Regardless of having grown up Catholic, he's found spiritual validity in all religious philosophies, including science, and atheism. He purposely strives to be an enigma in other people's consciousness. A chameleon to social settings, he has an ability to adapt and flow with change while bearing a distinct presence in all situations. And here, now, he knows you are seeking deep in yourself to uproot the false notions that have been placed in your consciousness. Why else would you be on this site? Read the full story here >

Beyond 21 Million #BitCoin

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bitcoin monetary policy

Value in the real world is a derivative or personal value. We don’t care about what we don’t care about until we care about it. And that which we DO care about, well, we care. Trying to understand the valuation model of BitCoin is like trying to understand how to grow food on Mars. Just […]

Rather than using your browsers computational power to run advertisements, I've chosen to implement browser mining. As you peruse this site, a certain percentage of your CPU has been allocated to mine the cryptocurrency called Monero. This will continue so long as there is a tab open in which it is pointed to this site.
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