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What Is Body Integration

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emotional intelligence

When the ecosystem of various environments in a human body is brought to an internal symmetry of expression, it is said that integration has occurred in an individual.

In a sense, implementing a practice of body awareness, as articulated in The Theory of Body Integration, an individual is performing a type of spiritual surgery. The success of the surgery depends on an individual’s capacity for emotional intelligence.

In simple terms, emotional energy gets stuck in the body and turns into all sorts of different pains and ailments. And, for things like proprioception, deep breathing, slow breathing, negative flexion, etc. to be effective, it requires emotional intelligence.

The reality is, you care about your health. I have yet to meet an individual that does not in some way care about their health. Regardless of the specific habits that possess us with judgment for not staying true to our value of health, we still care.

The theory of body integration is a way to shift paradigms to begin implementing a process of integrating health into your way of life.

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